Shakespeare Webquest

Introduction: Welcome to the William Shakespeare Webquest. In this exciting unit, you will learn and enjoy the works of the most well known western playwright. This webquest is intended to be for the 5th-6th grades. Task: In this webquest unit, you will complete a workbook dedicated to Shakespeare. Your teacher will ask you to put your workbook together then decorate it. You will also get the chance to read one of Shakespeare's plays and watch some videos based on Shakespeare’s era and style. There will also be a project and extra credit assignments.

Process: You will be entering websites dedicated to Shakespeare's background and plays to look for information. At the top of each page of the webquest and workbook, there are directions for completing the work assigned. Much of the assignments ask you to think about the material you read or viewed. It is important you read the material, think about what it conveys, answer the prompts, and then state what you think about it.  You will read a Shakespeare play of your choice then do corresponding pages in your workbook. You will even be able to watch videos posted on this webquest that you will discuss using a bulletin board that your teacher has made. You will be making a quality project on your topic. Also on the webquest is an extra credit choice of creating puzzles based on the play you choose.

Evaluation: Your teacher will read your workbook and essay then evaluate it based on the six writing traits, your detail in answering prompts, and your explaining of the concepts. A link to the rubric is found at the bottom of the page.

Conclusion: This webquest is a guide to the study of Shakespeare. After completing the webquest assignments, you will have a thorough understanding of Shakespeare's background and theatrical works.

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